Never Let The Little Man Down

by Scrote

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released October 15, 2012

Scrote - vocals, guitars, piano (6), modular synths (4, 6)
Holland Greco - bvox/keys/accordion (3)
Nicky Corbett - bvox (1, 2, 3), tambourine (1, 2)
Ron Dziubla - bari saxes (3)
Rob Shrock - organ (1), chamberlain orchestra (2)
Brett Simons - bass (1, 2, 3), bvox (3), Casio (6), shakers (6)
Tim Lefebvre - bass (5)
Blair Sinta - drums/percussion (1, 2, 3)
Branden Harper - drums/percussion (4, 5, 6)

produced by Scrote
engineering & additional production by
Paul Barker, Blair Sinta, & Brett Simons
mixed by Scrote
except (6) mixed by Brett Simons
mastered by Rainer Gembalczyk
except (6) mastered by S. Husky Hoskulds

cover photo by S. Husky Hoskulds
back photo by morpho


all rights reserved



Scrote Los Angeles, California

Scrote is an innovative artist & producer that works around the world.

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Track Name: Is It Enough?
Is It Enough?

i get high
when you're around
but if i'm tired
don't make a sound

give me a sign
if i should feel shame
you got a point?
or just more of the same?

everyday fades my memory
i don' t know why i don't know why
company comes with misery
i tell myself i tell you but
is it enough? hey hey hey

sometimes love
can get me down
feel like dyin' dyin' dyin' here on the ground

shouldn't complain
somehow i do
there's really no rhyme, no reason, or story for seein' this through

everyday takes it toll on me
and i don' t know why i don't know
if it's enough? hey hey hey
is it enough? hey hey hey

i really should know when it's time to go
we go 'round and 'round and 'round and 'round and
you really should know when no means no
you go 'round and 'round and 'round and 'round and

is it enough? hey hey hey
Track Name: She Goes Quickly
She Goes Quickly

falling down so far
deep into her fear
now she's gotta start
to get outta here

tucks it in her skirt
that's full of wild ideas
secrets of her world
hiding inside of there

she goes quickly

doesn't want to go
doesn't want to call
flesh and broken bones
didnt make her fall

she goes quickly
Track Name: Irene Sylvia

Irene Sylvia,
you carry out your crimes
it’s only right
really-lithe you…
Violent scenes I caught you making
oh, no bloom could hold a sickle like you
I’m your sole sinnerati.
I am sewn in my mind.
I’ll wear pom-pom attire
and die.
..really like you
it seems right to
please you, lollipop,
ooooh lolly…                            
Irene Sylvia,
delivering goodbye
in every hue
unerringly cool.
Spiderweb and bone centerpieces
blood red home, my lord, Sylvia, you..
I will seek our tomorrows…
I will wither at once….
go twice in on the money
to summon…
I would lug two                         
grin-locked stalks to
please you, lollipop
ooooh lolly…                            
Flower of the dark natural
no one holds the main answers as you do 
angel of my lost attitude.
a murderer. sedative you...
Track Name: Sidecar Sleeping
i was dreaming
i was dreaming
i was dreaming
i was dreaming
Track Name: The Runaround
The Runaround

hey man
it's a bomb
say why you always gotta give the run around

hey man
another bomb
say why you always gotta give the run around

i really like you but can i trust you?
you're always lyin' i always bust you
you hide from yourself you really need help
you steal without care you always take the dare

hey man
it's a bomb
say why you always gotta give the run around

hey man
another bomb
say why you always gotta give the run around

you talk up big plans you say you've got fans
who love what you do no way to be true
you're gonna show us you think you know us
we don't believe you we always see through

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